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Follow these 2 simple steps and you could be meeting your lender in no time!


Complete our application

Our online application could take you just minutes to complete. It’s like magic! We’ll just ask you to provide a few details about yourself and your financial situation so we can fill our lenders in as much as possible!

Meet your lender

As soon as you have submitted your application, we’ll refer you to a lander who will consider your application to confirm whether you are suitable for a personal loan. Just sit back, relax, even catch up on your latest Netflix binge. The lender that we refer you to will be in touch to go over your application so be sure to keep an eye on your phone and email


Personal Loan Wizard: Explained.

It’s Magic

We know that finances can sometimes be thrown off track and you may need a helping hand to find the way back. When trying to fix your finances, you may find yourself optimistic at the start, however, soon find yourself tangled in trips to the bank, endless phone calls and mountains of paperwork. That’s where the magic comes in. Our lender finding service free of paperwork and pointless, time wasting exercises. Personal loans come in all shapes and sizes. You may be searching for personal loans for bad credit, or even unsecured personal loans. Whatever it is you’re searching for, we want to help you find it.

Always Online

Our loan service is 100% online. We have designed our online system to be as convenient as possible for you. Just type the words, and we’ll appear, like magic! (don’t worry, it’s just the power of the internet). Whether you’re a jet-setter or homeworker, our loan application is available at the touch of a button. We want our service to suit all your needs, both financial and time-saving. When the washing machine breaks down, just as the kids ask for new school shoes, and your furry friend happens to swallow a battery, you need a service that is ready when you need it.

Friendly Wizard

We may be 100% online, however, that doesn’t mean we’re not available for a chat. If you have any questions regarding our service, don’t hesitate to contact our loan wizards via our website. We look forward to solving problems and answering questions; it’s what we do best! When you’re in need of a friendly helping hand, the last thing you want is to be waiting at the end of a phone line. So, pop us a quick message and get back to what you do best, whilst we work our magic.

Fast and Easy

It’s a fact. Applying for personal loans doesn’t have to be tricky and fraught with complications and roadblocks. Skip the paperwork and embrace a stress-free loan experience. Our application is easy and stress-free. After you complete your application, we’ll use our magic to refer you to a lender. That’s it! No research or wasted hours spent on hold to traditional lenders. We understand that time is money which is why we want to save yours!

Just like Magic. The lender finding service for you!

Put your trusts in our lender finding wizards to find the lender you’re looking for!